Yamaha MCR-N870D Hifi system silver

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For those moments after you get up in the morning or when you just got home and you want to fill your living space with music right away, just press the Favorite button on the remote. Your favorite Internet radio station, DAB and FM broadcast channel or any other music source you have pre-registered will be played immediately.

Technologies to ensure CD playback with high sound quality, such as variable speed buffering that stabilizes the rotational speed of the disc and reduces vibration and mechanical noise during playback. The appearance has a simple yet luxurious design that is characteristic of all Yamaha HiFi components: a slim disc tray and aluminum rotary knobs on a hairline finished aluminum front panel.

The CD player is equipped with a network player function that greatly enhances your music enjoyment: from streaming services and other internet music content to NAS (network HDD) or your personal computer-based music library. Consider, for example, internet radio broadcasts. By pre-selecting your favorite radio stations on vTuner - which provides easy access to radio stations around the world - you can easily enjoy the varied content of a variety of music genres just as if you were listening to DAB and FM broadcasts. It is compatible with WAV / FLAC / AIFF 192 kHz / 24 bit high resolution music sources. In addition, it has a built-in USB connection on the front panel and can also be linked to AirPlay, to limitlessly expand your music world on one device.

The MCR-N870D is equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, making wireless operation easier than ever. You can stream music from MCR-N870D to Bluetooth headphones for private listening or to Bluetooth speakers.

The A-U670 is a premain amplifier that thoroughly fulfills the essential function of an amplifier, namely signal amplification, and guarantees refined sound quality. To vividly reproduce everything from the delicate nuance of music to energetic dynamics, a digital power amplifier is built in which creates high power and driveability with a strong maximum power of 65 watts / channel. Natural PWM-type digital modulation with an extremely simple circuit configuration provides both natural, uncoloured sound quality and high efficiency. And the low-pass filter of the last part of the power amplifier, which significantly affects the sound quality, is a large coil made of OFC (oxygen-free copper) wire material with low loss and low distortion. This simultaneously maintains the freshness of high-resolution sound sources, while enhancing the power of the bass and providing warmth in the mid and high frequency sounds - all to deliver the best sound reproduction rich in musicality. An exceptionally high-quality USB DAC is built into the unit that can reproduce high-resolution sound sources with all their original quality. It is compatible with native playback of the DSD 5.6MHz (DSD128) format or 384kHz / 32-bit playback, which records music information in extraordinary detail by sampling up to 5,644,800 times per second. The D / A converter is the 32-bit / 2-channel specification, high-performance SABER 32 (ES9010K2M) from the American company ESS Technology, and the USB device controller IC is the latest product from XMOS, the semiconductor company. By reducing shutter noise using asynchronous transmission, it provides pure reproduction and optimum sound quality. Another great advantage of the USB DAC function is that it can also be used as a high-quality headphone amplifier for computer audio. The internal high-performance D / A converter brings out all the quality of high-resolution sound sources to give you the purest, most intimate enjoyment of high-quality sound.

The speakers are made of high-quality piano lacquer. The diaphragm of the 13cm (5-1 / 4 ”) woofer is made of high quality aluminum that is more than 99% pure. The light weight and high rigidity provide a superior response for a rich and dense delineation of the texture, mood and tonal color of any musical instrument. Another important feature is the ability to delineate details in the natural soundstage, even including depth - such as the positional relationship of each musical instrument in a jazz piano trio. The 3 cm (1-1 / 4 ”) soft dome tweeter, made by coating the diaphragm and applying unique molding technology, delivers both exceptionally high range reproduction power and rich sound from high resolution sound sources. It features a very rigid cabinet with a full triple miter joint connecting all angled parts critical to the strength

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