Guitar service & repair

In order to enjoy your guitar, it must be properly set-up and maintained. For example, by regularly doing minor maintenance on your guitar yourself, you can ensure that your guitar not only stays beautiful longer, but also plays and sounds better. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that your guitar needs more service than what you can give the guitar yourself, you can contact us for this. Whether you have an old guitar that has been lying still for a long time or one that has been played a lot. When it no longer plays or sounds as good as you are used to, we can make it play / sound like new again with a small intervention. Even if you've bought a new guitar and find out after a month or two that it doesn't play as expected, we can make it the way you want through a few minor adjustments. Below you will find a list with the rates for the various services we perform on guitars.


Replacing strings (excluding strings): € 12.50
Replacing tuners from: € 20.00
Adjusting electric guitar: € 50.00 (additional cost for adjusting floyd rose: € 15)
Replace output from: € 15.00
Potentio meter replaced from: € 15.00
Switch replacement from: € 20.00
Pick up replaced from: € 35.00
Rewire electronics from: € 40.00
Nut (prefab) fitting incl. Assembly from: € 30.00
Adjusting acoustic guitar including saddle height: € 50.00

The above prices are for service excluding material.

How does it work?

Do you have a problem with your guitar? Feel free to visit the store and we will look at the guitar to determine which actions should be taken to get your guitar playing and sounding optimally again. We will then immediately indicate what the estimated costs will be (any deviations will be discussed first). Depending on what exactly needs to be done on the guitar, you will have to leave it behind for a while. This can take from a few hours for minor repairs to a couple of days when a lot needs to be done. payment is done when everything is to your liking.

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