Sela Melody Handpan D Kurd

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The handpan is an absolutely beginner-friendly instrument where percussion and melody meet. Playing the handpan creates soothing, spherical and long-lasting soundscapes that completely captivate both the player and the listener. Neither previous experience nor knowledge of music theory is necessary, because all the tone fields on the handpan are on a fixed scale. With most models, it is not possible to strike dissonant notes, i.e. notes that sound "wrong". Therefore, you can follow your own intuition while playing and lose yourself in mysterious, dreamy melodies after only a short time. With a little practice, more complicated rhythms, captivating chords and two-part melodies are possible.

Sela Melody Handpans offer an outstandingly affordable entry into the world of handpans without having to make any compromises in sound and workmanship. They are partly machine-made and consist of nitrided steel. Nitriding hardens the surface of the handpan, which gives it a percussive sound that decays much faster than that of stainless steel handpans. Due to their shorter sustain, nitrided handpans are also ideal for fast playing, as the notes are more clearly separated from each other and overlap less. This property is also very beneficial for beginners, as improvising and playing by gut feeling is much easier. Handpans made of nitrided steel require more care than stainless steel models and should therefore be cleaned regularly and protected from moisture. Sela Melody handpans have a matt, dark blue finish, which gives them a subtle and fascinating look.

The D Kurd tuning (fundamental frequency 440 Hz) is one of our best-selling scales. The central note in the middle of the handpan is D3, around it are arranged in a circle the notes A3, Bb3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4 and A4. Due to its bright-sounding D minor scale, the D Kurd can be used to play a wide variety of melodies, ranging from quietly meditative to melancholy to powerful and cheerful. The model is therefore just as suitable as a solo instrument as it is for playing together with other handpans or other instruments such as tongue drums, guitar or percussion.

Each Sela Handpan comes with a bag made of tear-resistant nylon fabric, which, thanks to its good lining, provides optimal protection during transport. It can be carried either by hand with the two handles or comfortably as a backpack with the adjustable shoulder straps. A practical outer compartment offers enough space for small accessories such as a metronome.

Diameter: 57 cm, weight: 4,6 kg.

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